Capital Smart City Development Work Update December 2019

Capital Smart City Development Work Update December 2019

The development work of Capital Smart City is taking place at a rapid pace. It is believed in the real estate market of Islamabad that the speed of development work of Smart City is the fastest among all the upcoming housing societies. That’s why, real estate investors and end consumers seem satisfied by the top-notch work of Capital Smart City. With the start of year 2020, we have brought some of the latest development work updates of Capital Smart City as of December 2019.

Capital Smart City, claimed as the first smart city of Pakistan, is being developed at the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, about 10 KM from the Thalian Interchange, by Habib Rafiq Private Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings Ltd. (FDHL). Being true to its name, Capital Smart City is offering one-of-a-kind features and facilities such as 18-hole golf course, luxurious apartments, smart villas, Crystal Lake, China village, Holiday Park, Aviation village, Unmatched Civic facilities and much more. To find out more about Capital Smart City, visit our web-page Capital Smart City or read our latest blogs and market news about Capital Smart City.

Fast-paced Development work

On the day of Capital Smart City’s launch, the representatives disclosed some amazing features that Capital Smart City intends to offer. Moreover, after the grand launch of Capital Smart City on 6th October, 2019, rapid development has been observed on their sites. The development work is going really well and consumers can’t wait to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle promised by Capital Smart City. Looking at the current development work updates, it is safe to say that Capital Smart City is all set to deliver its promises.

Currently, 175+ machines are employed on the site, to accomplish the task of delivering the project before its due date. Looking at the progress of work, we are glad to inform the investors of Capital Smart City that you made an exceptionally great choice. Following are some recent developments happened at the site of Capital Smart City.


Six latest development work updates of Capital Smart City

Progression in Horticulture work

On Site 01 – Access 2 of Capital Smart City, great progression in Horticulture work has been observed. Area for plantation has been designated and cultivation of beautiful trees and attractive flowers has started. Tree plantation is at its best in Capital Smart City, Islamabad.


Access to clean water

One of the promises of Capital Smart City was to provide clean water to its residents. To provide clean water to the residents’, fixation of filtration plant is in progress. Installation of Water tanks are under development phase, to ensure 24/7 availability of clean water.


Earthwork in progress

In Capital Smart City, Site 02 – Access 1 great progress in Earthwork has been seen. Heavy machinery is being employed to clear and level more area for the construction of more plots, so Earthwork is completing at an incredibly fast pace.


Great news for Overseas Block holders

Road-1 on Site 02 and 03 of Overseas Block is now complete. Yes! Isn’t it great? In order to construct more blocks additional land is being cleaned and leveled at a fast pace. In Overseas Block-C, Mosque Reber floor, Form work, and Lean Concrete work is in progress. Moreover, in Overseas Block-A (20 Marla Villa) Brick Masonry, and Overseas Block-A (15 Marla Villa) Compaction of Granular filling is in progress.


Construction of Bridges

For ease of access, bridges are being constructed. Along with bridges other structures are being made to assure a great quality life for residents.


Update for Executive Block

On Site 04 – Executive Block, land is being cleared and leveled. Sewerage pipes are being laid; soon this site will be completed for construction.

Development work of Executive block


Balloting of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City has just announced the results of the first balloting for about 6,000 plots in overseas-1 and executive-1 block. The balloting event took place on 21st December while the e-results were published on the night of 24th December 2019. Check out our blog on first balloting results of Capital Smart City for more details!

Capital Smart City is one of the best upcoming projects in Islamabad. Due to the rising demand, it is a top project of real estate market of Islamabad. To find out more about current updates of Capital Smart City, you can contact our featured real estate expert, Mr. Sahban Tariq from Beacon Investments, at +92-334-5557734.

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