Why NOT to invest in Capital Smart City!

Why NOT to invest in Capital Smart City!

Capital Smart City has been talk of the town since the time of its foundation. In no time, this huge project by Habib-Rafique Pvt. Limited has become popular among the top investors in the real estate market. Their 5-marla, 10-marla and 4 and 8-marla commercial plots were an instant hit and some of them were even sold out before they even started their marketing campaigns. In the past two years, the demand for Smart City’s residential and commercial plots has risen sharply. Have you wondered what all the hype is about? Is it really worth investing your hard earned money into a piece of land that is not even developed yet? Is it really as good as depicted by the marketers and sales persons? We talked to our real estate market experts to find answers to all of these questions and we have come up with five reasons why you should invest in Capital Smart City. So, we say, Why Not? Why not invest in this huge project brought by the top real estate developers of Pakistan, Habib Rafique Pvt Limited (HRL)? Why not invest in the epitome of quality and luxury living; a smart city equipped with a blend of technology and nature? Why not invest in the future?

Five Reasons Why Not to Invest in Capital Smart City!

The success of a housing project is not just determined by its vision and planning but also by the implementation on ground and management afterwards. The quality and credibility of Capital Smart City, as a housing project, is evident in the past projects delivered by its developer, the excellence of unmatched urban planning and vision of Capital Smart City and the rapid progress of the development work. Through our research from credible and direct sources, we have come up with five reasons why you should invest in Capital Smart City. If you want to know different ways in which you can invest in Smart City, check out our article on pricing and latest market rates of Capital Smart City.

1. Being a Smart City

Capital Smart City is not just a smart city by name. It offers many smart features to provide a sustainable environment to its residents such as automated traffic control, automated utility supply and automated street lights, CCTV with facial recognition, load shedding free environment, free Wi-Fi spots, and much more. It is ranked as the first smart city of Pakistan. Through unmatched urban planning and excellent execution, Capital Smart City ensures to provide a sustainable environment to its residents. It aims to provide a high quality living standard through its salient features including smart management, exclusive lifestyle, a luxurious atmosphere, well-planned transport systems, excellent Water supply networks, and an efficient system for waste disposal. Impressed enough? So, why should you not invest in Capital Smart City?

2. Habib Rafique Limited – An excellent real estate developer

The project, Capital Smart City is brought by one of the most credible real estate developers of Pakistan, Habib Rafique Pvt. Limited. Under the umbrella of their successful projects come Royal Orchard in Multan and Smart City Sahiwal. To make Capital Smart City a sustainable living option for the people of Islamabad, HRL is getting its master plan designed by Surbana Jurong (Owned by Government of Singapore). Surbana Jurong is a Singapore based consultancy firm and currently one of the largest Asia-based urban, industrial and infrastructure consulting firms. Since the design and development of Capital Smart City is being managed by experts, one should be at mental peace while investing in this incredible project.

3. Capital Smart City’s Development is at a Rapid Pace

The success of any real estate project is measured by the ability to fulfill the promises made at the time of booking. No matter how perfect the idea and planning of a smart city is, it would not be of any good unless the idea is implemented in reality. Backed up by one of the top real estate developers of Pakistan, the real estate market has faith in this project unlike any other. An important factor contributing to the confidence of investors and real estate market experts is that Capital Smart City is the fastest developing housing society among all the recent ones in Islamabad. Our representatives have visited the site and have disclosed some amazing updates about the development work that is going on the site of Smart City. Some of their work-in-progress is mentioned below:

  • The 18-hole golf course, that everyone is really excited about, is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Isn’t it great?
  • Movenpick Hotel and residence is expected to be operational in Capital Smart City by 2023. It will feature about 250 rooms, four dining halls, swimming pools, advanced fitness centers, meeting venues and what not!
  • To provide the residents with clean water round the clock, fixation of filtration plant and installation of water tanks are in progress.
  • To make the surroundings of Capital Smart City even more beautiful, horticulture work is at its peak.
  • Overseas Block is constructing like no tomorrow! Road-1 on Site 02 and 03 of Overseas Block is now complete and more area is being cleaned and leveled to construct more roads on it. Overseas block 1 is expected to be given possession by mid-2020.
  • Sewerage pipes are being laid on many sites and bridges are under construction to ease the flow of traffic.


Read more about the recent development work updates of Capital Smart City here. The prices of both residential and commercial files of Capital Smart City have been rising showing the confidence of the market in the work in progress. Do you still have any excuse of why you should not invest in Capital Smart City?

4. Amazingly Planned Housing Society

Capital Smart City is the epitome of breathtaking infrastructure. Its urban planning is being done as per international standards. This eco-friendly society is sprawled over around 55,000 kanal and is offering exclusive amenities that one could only imagine. Some of Capital Smart City’s matchless facilities are mentioned below:

  • Web of paved streets with central boulevard
  • 18-hole Signature Golf Course – being developed by Harridine Golf
  • Adorned Crystal Lake
  • Smart Villas integrated with exclusive smart features
  • High resolution CCTV cameras with facial recognition
  • Free Wi-fi zones and 24/7 connectivity with the society’s application
  • Automated smart features in luxurious apartments
  • BRT Transport system all over society
  • Luxurious apartments with exclusively well-designed interiors
  • Theme parks and Zoo for children’s amusement

The master plan for Overseas block 1 and Executive block 1 of Capital Smart City has been released after the first  balloting in December 2019. The latest master plans can be downloaded below:

1. Latest maps of Overseas-1 Block Capital Smart City
2. Latest maps of Executive-1 Block Capital Smart City
3. Master plan of Capital Smart City as of December 2019


5. Unmatched Location

One of the main plus points of Capital Smart City is its ideal location. It is located exactly on Motorway M-2, with a dedicated interchange at just a few minutes’ drive away from New Islamabad International Airport. It is expected that Rawalpindi Ring Road will be directly linked to the society’s entrance. Another reason that makes this investment worth-it is its presence on the route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). It is an ideal place to live and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle that it offers.

Expert Advice on Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is one of the top real estate projects in Islamabad. Development work is at its peak and soon the Overseas Block will be all ready for possession by mid-2020. Our experts strongly believe that investors of this project will harvest large amount of profits. For end consumers there is no reason why they shouldn’t invest in this exceptionally great project. Capital Smart City has promised to provide up-to the mark standard of living to its customers and looking at the pace of their development work, one can easily say that they are about to fulfill all their promises. Check out the latest market news and analysis about Capital Smart City here.

To find more details about Capital Smart City, visit our dedicated web-page or simply contact our featured real estate agent, Sahban Tariq Malik – a market expert, authorized agent for Capital Smart City and a real estate portfolio manager with more than 500 national and international clients – at +92 334 5557734.

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